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Engage in Crash Science

Join Professor Griff Jones at the IIHS Vehicle Research Center for engaging demonstrations and crash tests as he explores the science behind car crashes and vehicle safety. 

Crash Science Lessons

Conduct classroom-tested, hands-on activities aligned to the latest standards to bring crash safety STEM applications to grades 5-12. Teaching tips videos included.

Understanding Car Crashes Videos

Explore the science behind what happens in a car crash — both to the car and to those inside it — and discover why some vehicles are safer than others.

Understanding Car Crashes:
It's Basic Physics

Discover how the laws of physics apply to crash tests and help engineers design safer cars to protect occupants in a crash.

Understanding Car Crashes:
When Physics Meets Biology

Explore what happens to the human body in a crash and the scientific principles doctors and engineers use to reduce injuries.

Crash Science Extensions

Expand your crash safety knowledge and STEM skills with these videos.

"The content is great and the way you present it is simply energizing. I wish they could reach every school in the world."
Adriano Morozini de LiraSafety Specialist, German Automotive Manufacturer
"Keep up the good work, and thank you for all of the real-life data and lessons!"
Dani StroudGilbert High School
It is wonderful to see the IIHS’s good work presented digitally in an engaging, scientifically fun way.”
Fran Penner-RayTraffic Education Director, Montana Office of Public Instruction
“Also a great resource for science-focused summer camps.”
Kim Freudenberg, M.Ed. Physics teacher
"The videos throughout are so well done and short enough to hold anyone’s attention.”
Vicki Moorehead, M.Ed.5th/6th Grade Science & STEM STREAM Coordinator
"Pulls you into the science with great content chunking and videography working together."
Derek StewartOnline Instructor, Florida Virtual School
"The website is clean, clear and inviting with thorough, engaging, and informative videos and lessons."
Dawn SettleMiddle school gifted teacher
“I can easily adapt the material to fit our online platform. It is so high quality!”
Kathy Biernat8th grade science
“A new teacher would really cherish the teacher-tips videos to help guide their thinking.”
David Dahari, M.Ed.High school physics teacher
"The coverage is fascinating, and most importantly, the physics is correct. It's a first-rate teaching package. I give it five stars!"
Paul G. HewittAuthor of "Conceptual Physics, 12th edition"
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