Penny on top of notecard and cup.

Penny for Your Thoughts on Inertia

about 35 minutes
Use pennies and index cards to explore inertia and the well-known magician’s tablecloth trick.

Pain in the Neck

about 50 minutes
Use tennis balls to explore inertia and how to prevent whiplash injuries in rear-end crashes.

Hands holding a marble at the top of a ruler ramp.

Momentum Bashing 1

about 40 minutes
Use inclined ruler ramps to explore how mass affects a marble’s “bashing power.”

A hand holding a plastic cup beside a ruler ramp.

Momentum Bashing 2

about 50 minutes
Use ruler ramps to explore how speed affects a marble’s “bashing power.”

Egg Crash! Designing a Collision Safety Device

about 50 minutes
Build a paper landing-pad for a dropped egg to explore how airbags reduce crash forces.

Griff Jones holding a ruler next to a marble ramp

Conservation: It’s the Law!

about 50 minutes
Use marbles and foam pipe insulation “track” to explore where energy “goes” during a collision.

Someone points to a calculator with a scale with a ball and weights is in the background.

Ball of Energy

about 50 minutes
Throw a tennis ball into the air and collect data to determine impact speed.

Twirling Penny

about 50 minutes
Twirl a penny on a hanger to explore circular motion and how seatbelts and banked roadways protect occupants during turns.

Two hands hold a ruler

Think Fast, Act Fast

about 40 minutes
Practice catching rulers to calculate reaction time and how far a car travels during a given reaction time.

Distracted Driving Dangers

about 100 minutes
Explore how different distractions affect the time it takes to complete a numbered finger maze.

Griff Jones stretching silly putty while someone measures using a ruler.

Stressing Silly Putty

about 100 minutes
Conduct stretch-tests on homemade silly putty to explore how engineers design more realistic crash test dummies.

A pencil pointing into a finger.

Stressing Over Pencil Pressure

about 40 minutes
Use pencil push-tests to learn the difference between force and pressure and explore how safety features protect human bodies in a crash.

Griff holding paper car that has been sent down a ramp.

Paper Car Crash!

about 2 weeks
As a culminating activity option, design, build, and crash an egg-carrying paper car to determine the most crashworthy design.

Project Pedestrian

about 150 minutes
As a culminating engineering activity option, design, build, and test pedestrian-safe bumpers for a toy car using wireless sensors.