How Can Cars Avoid a Crash?

about 15 minutes
Learn more about the crash avoidance testing program.

Crash Science Demos

about 24 minutes
Predict, observe and explain as you watch these crash-science demonstrations.

Teen girl sitting in the driver seat of a car.

Teen Driving Issues

about 30 minutes
It’s tough (and dangerous) to be a beginning driver. Explore the challenges young drivers confront.

Project Pedestrian

about 150 minutes
As a culminating engineering activity option, design, build, and test pedestrian-safe bumpers for a toy car using wireless sensors.

Global Crashworthiness

about 15 minutes
Watch this crash test to see why other countries also have new car testing programs.

Crashworthiness Then and Now

about 15 minutes
Predict, observe and explain the results of a crash between a vintage car and a modern car.