Inside IIHS

This video series offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the work at the Vehicle Research Center.


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  1. 1. Inside IIHS: Preparing for a crash test (4:47)
  2. Engineers at the Institute's Vehicle Research Center attend to every detail to ensure a smooth crash test with results that can be easily measured and compared with other vehicles.

  3. 2. Inside IIHS: The crash test propulsion system (1:27)
  4. Learn about the crash test machinery that can propel a vehicle down any of the Vehicle Research Center's three runways and crash it into another vehicle or a barrier.

  5. 3. Inside IIHS: Crash Test photography (4:41)
  6. Explore what it takes to produce the high-quality, slow-motion footage needed to learn exactly what happened in a crash test and to communicate those findings to the media and the public.

  7. 4. Inside IIHS: Frontal offset testing (3:13)
  8. Learn the differences between the Institute's two frontal crash tests and demonstrates how structural performance, dummy injury measures, and restraint systems affect a vehicle's frontal rating.

  9. 5. Inside IIHS: Side testing (2:02)
  10. Learn about the Institute's moving deformable side impact crash test barrier, the criteria IIHS uses to determine a vehicle's side rating, and the evolution of side crash protection.

  11. 6. Inside IIHS: Crash test dummies at work (2:38)
  12. Explore the types of dummies the Institute uses, how they are calibrated and the technology they contain for gathering information.

  13. 7. Inside IIHS: Research (5:23)
  14. Watch interviews with Institute researchers, who explain how they use crash databases and experiments to study roadway features, driver behavior and vehicle safety features. This work helps improve highway safety by influencing policy and informing consumers.

  15. 8. Inside IIHS: Measuring roof strength (2:51)
  16. Take a look at the crush machine used to determine a vehicle's roof strength and reviews the importance of strong roofs in rollover crashes.

  17. 9. Inside IIHS: Rear testing for whiplash prevention (2:23)
  18. Find out how the Institute simulates rear crashes to assess how well vehicle seats and head restraints prevent whiplash. Meet the specialized crash test dummy used in these dynamic tests.

  19. 10. Inside IIHS: Rating booster seats (2:07)
  20. Learn how children's boosters are evaluated for belt fit with the help of a child-size dummy. This video also reviews which children need to use booster seats and how parents can tell whether a booster is doing its job.

  21. 11. Inside IIHS: Understanding underride (3:14)
  22. Watch as cars are sent hurtling into the backs of semitrailers. These tests evaluate how well the trucks' underride guards prevent cars from sliding underneath. Learn why IIHS started these tests and how they are done.

  23. 12. Inside IIHS: What is HLDI? (5:21)
  24. Explore how the Highway Loss Data Institute analyzes insurance loss records and data on vehicle features to determine trends in highway safety.

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